How to Paint Rust.

So, this has been a long time coming!! I did try yesterday but for some reason I can’t upload videos on here, so had to do it again today with pictures.

Anyway, my Rust technique is extremely simple!! I use only 5 Paints,

3 generic paints (olive, brown, orange)

Nuln Oil.

Vallejo Air Steel.

I use Revell aqua colors instead of citadel paints as their thinner and in my opinion easier to control (not to mention cheaper!) but the 3 paints I use are pictured below and there are definitely alternatives in every range.

With the olive being the Base color I made sure it was thicker and more textured by leaving it open for a few hours.

This way the rust looks a little more lifted from the Base, and I think it looks better then actual textured paints because the particals in textured paint are too big.

Anyway, onto the technique, firstly Base the whole model in the olive color.

Then, roughly stipple the brown over the top, thick, but not too thick. 

Then, while still wet apply the orange in the same way.

I know, it looks pretty awful right now but don’t worry!! It gets better. Now, when this is TOTALLY dry, move on to a metallic Drybrush, make sure it’s a bright silver color, as the nuln oil wash will darken it down.


Oil wash, this darkens all the tones down a bit and brings them all together Aswel, usually I would go on to highlights here but frankly, the sheer amount of pictures I would have to upload put me off it, but highlight in the usual way, it is tricky and I tend to have multiple brushes in use for it, one for each color, and lightly highlight all necessary areas. Then add the details and…


There you have it, that’s how I paint rust, this technique works when painting whole areas or small blotches on metal paints. Hope everyone enjoyed and uses this!



Reaver squad

Hey happy gamers! I hope everyone is in high spirits! So I have a small update, I finished off my reaver squad! Absolute joy to paint! And I love the look of them!

Reaver one, just love the shape!! And I love how the rust contrasts so much with the sharp crisp shapes.

Reaver 2

Reaver 3.

Had an interesting idea with the control panel, see how the green goes to yellow and then red? With the models that are turning either left or right, the Green bar moves to that side, for example:

This one is angled slightly right, so has 2 green bars on the right.

And this one is angled excessively to the left, so has 3 green bars on the left.

Only a small detail but I thought it was pretty cool!

So this is the force so far, now to grind out the warriors and wait for the new models to arrive!

So what’s everyone think so far?


Rusty old elves!

So I’m apparently in love with rust, and have gone absolutely crazy with it and made it the basic theme of my entire army! So last time I had done a fair amount on the Raider, I’ve done a little bit more now adding 2 crew members

Rusty driver.

Rusty gunner.

I love how the rust effect turned out on the warrior bodies so can’t wait to paint all my warriors this way!!

I’ve also made a start on my reaver jetbikes.

Rusty, Reaver jetbikes.

This will only be a small force to fill a small space on a shelf, but I think it will look pretty cool when it’s done, in all tue force will comprise of 2 Raiders (one new edition, one old edition with conversions) 4 Jetbikes, 3 new edition and one old, 10 warriors, all new edition, and I’m thinking of creating a mass converted eldar grav tank to have an upper and lower platform instead of a turret, all open topped, making my own sail and having a crazy converted dais of destruction, now to find a suitable evil, pirate looking character in a sitting position to be the Lord of my pirate elves…

Anyway, hopefully more updates soon!!


Dark Eldar Starter

So, as my previous post stated I am coming back to this blog, and this hobby, but before I get to the Dark Eldar, a quick summary of my life the past 18 months or so.

So, i believe one of my last posts was about how I broke up with my ex partner, I won’t go into that but due to the stress of losing my home and family I lost interest in most of my life, I gave up this hobby as it was an expensive luxury I couldn’t afford at the time, then with a new relationship and a new home again, things have started to settle down in my life, I found happiness in everything again. 

Long story short, I’m now in a position where I can start to take commission paint jobs again, but obviously I have no clients at the moment, and no real website to advertise other then this blog, so until I eventually finish these dark eldar which I intend to set up in my local Games Workshop and advertise there, it will just be my miniatures.

So, without further postponing, the first part of my new Dark Eldar force.

The Front of my Archon. I replaced the head with a normal warrior head as I seriously disliked the origonal.

The Flesh Cape, I had serious fun with this!! I love those little details!

All in all I’m pretty happy with this, first painting in over a year! 

Next up is my WiP Raider.

Wanted to make these guys rusty and pirate like.

So, needs a fair amount of tidying up around the port hole rust, and there is still a fair amount of other weathering to do, Aswel as the five crew! But so far I’m quite happy with it, my long term intention is to have a purely cosmetic corsair force, I’ve got an old model Raider on the way from eBay, Aswel as a few hasslefree minis to add a little spice to the crew, and my next objective after the reaver bikes and warriors are done is to convert an eldar grav tank into a dark eldar-esque hover tank, adding a crew platform and railings, a big sail, spikes and chains etc, the idea in my head looks cool!! 

Let me know what you think guys!


Coming Back

So, not entirely sure if anyone out there still follows this blog or even still receives updates!! I will have to fix that! But anyway, after almost 18 months of inactivity I am returning! There will be an update later on tonight with pictures of my current project, all previous projects are not abandoned unfortunately, but hopefully there will be new ones to follow.

Stay tuned folks, this blog is going to be bigger and better than ever before.


Look at what i have created!!!

Just a short one today folks, ive been busy, after moving back in with my parents its been a struggle to find dedicated hobby space… But i made my old man an offer he couldnt refuse…

I asked if i sorted out the garage (wish i had taken a picture…) which was a total dump, would i be able to have dedicated space on one side, while he has hobby space on the other side, he agreed.


Dedicated hobby space at last!!!

Anyway folks, until later.


Getting there

So folks, its been a short while hasnt it? Well let me bring you up to speed.

I had a break up from my ex partner and got left jobless, homeless, motorbikeless and lots of other things ending in less. Im now finding my feet again, and i have a potential man cave…


Yes it needs some work… Like, getting rid of all the rubbish encroaching on my model space!!! But, it will do nicely.

I have a new batch of models from paul.


4 Ork buggys. That will keep me occupied.

And i have a fresh perspective on life. I have 3 jobs, one of which is full time, and two part time jobs.. Yet i still get mondays and tuesdays off!! Amazing!

So, slowly getting it together folks. Updates will be slower. But i promise you. They will be bigger and better then ever before!

It feels good to be back.