Modern Astra Militarum #3

So again, not a massive update, I have had a party to prepare for which I’m leaving for in 15 minutes so progress has been pretty slow…

Anyway! Finished converting the tank crew for the Warrior and started painting them too.

So it’s getting somewhere slowly, I’m really liking it so far! Now I’ve just got to finish making the warrior tank, decide whether or not to put the extra armor on, and find a way to convert the Heavy Machine Gun main barrel into an auto cannon.

And as a little extra for this post, the old pattern Dark Eldar Raider turned up, and I’ve done a tiny bit of conversion and started the paint job.

So here is the sail equipped old Raider, with a converted crew and weapon, with the basic rust painted, it just needs to be cleaned up (alot) and I have a few last crew members from hasslefree coming.

So, what’s everyone think?



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