Modern Theme Astra Militarum 

Yep, any old time followers will likely sigh right now, this theme is one I keep coming back to, and always fail somehow, but this time I’m determined!!

Anyway, before all that, I have finished my dark eldar warriors.

All painted and based. Finished! So now I just have to wait for my old style Raider to convert, and my turretless eldar grav tank to convert…

In the mean time I have a new project!

So these turned up today!! Woo!!

And here is how they will be painted.

Sorry about picture quality, I can’t focus my camera because I’m holding the minis above my head to get closer to the light!! I will sort this asap.

Anyway, the paint scheme, the fatigues I have painted in my attempt at modern British MTP and done the sandy yellow armor to fit in with the current conflicts in the middle east. The red and white stripes are usually used on WW2 era British tanks, but I have decided to make that the army insignia.




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