How to Paint Rust.

So, this has been a long time coming!! I did try yesterday but for some reason I can’t upload videos on here, so had to do it again today with pictures.

Anyway, my Rust technique is extremely simple!! I use only 5 Paints,

3 generic paints (olive, brown, orange)

Nuln Oil.

Vallejo Air Steel.

I use Revell aqua colors instead of citadel paints as their thinner and in my opinion easier to control (not to mention cheaper!) but the 3 paints I use are pictured below and there are definitely alternatives in every range.

With the olive being the Base color I made sure it was thicker and more textured by leaving it open for a few hours.

This way the rust looks a little more lifted from the Base, and I think it looks better then actual textured paints because the particals in textured paint are too big.

Anyway, onto the technique, firstly Base the whole model in the olive color.

Then, roughly stipple the brown over the top, thick, but not too thick. 

Then, while still wet apply the orange in the same way.

I know, it looks pretty awful right now but don’t worry!! It gets better. Now, when this is TOTALLY dry, move on to a metallic Drybrush, make sure it’s a bright silver color, as the nuln oil wash will darken it down.


Oil wash, this darkens all the tones down a bit and brings them all together Aswel, usually I would go on to highlights here but frankly, the sheer amount of pictures I would have to upload put me off it, but highlight in the usual way, it is tricky and I tend to have multiple brushes in use for it, one for each color, and lightly highlight all necessary areas. Then add the details and…


There you have it, that’s how I paint rust, this technique works when painting whole areas or small blotches on metal paints. Hope everyone enjoyed and uses this!



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