Reaver squad

Hey happy gamers! I hope everyone is in high spirits! So I have a small update, I finished off my reaver squad! Absolute joy to paint! And I love the look of them!

Reaver one, just love the shape!! And I love how the rust contrasts so much with the sharp crisp shapes.

Reaver 2

Reaver 3.

Had an interesting idea with the control panel, see how the green goes to yellow and then red? With the models that are turning either left or right, the Green bar moves to that side, for example:

This one is angled slightly right, so has 2 green bars on the right.

And this one is angled excessively to the left, so has 3 green bars on the left.

Only a small detail but I thought it was pretty cool!

So this is the force so far, now to grind out the warriors and wait for the new models to arrive!

So what’s everyone think so far?



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