Rusty old elves!

So I’m apparently in love with rust, and have gone absolutely crazy with it and made it the basic theme of my entire army! So last time I had done a fair amount on the Raider, I’ve done a little bit more now adding 2 crew members

Rusty driver.

Rusty gunner.

I love how the rust effect turned out on the warrior bodies so can’t wait to paint all my warriors this way!!

I’ve also made a start on my reaver jetbikes.

Rusty, Reaver jetbikes.

This will only be a small force to fill a small space on a shelf, but I think it will look pretty cool when it’s done, in all tue force will comprise of 2 Raiders (one new edition, one old edition with conversions) 4 Jetbikes, 3 new edition and one old, 10 warriors, all new edition, and I’m thinking of creating a mass converted eldar grav tank to have an upper and lower platform instead of a turret, all open topped, making my own sail and having a crazy converted dais of destruction, now to find a suitable evil, pirate looking character in a sitting position to be the Lord of my pirate elves…

Anyway, hopefully more updates soon!!



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