Dark Eldar Starter

So, as my previous post stated I am coming back to this blog, and this hobby, but before I get to the Dark Eldar, a quick summary of my life the past 18 months or so.

So, i believe one of my last posts was about how I broke up with my ex partner, I won’t go into that but due to the stress of losing my home and family I lost interest in most of my life, I gave up this hobby as it was an expensive luxury I couldn’t afford at the time, then with a new relationship and a new home again, things have started to settle down in my life, I found happiness in everything again. 

Long story short, I’m now in a position where I can start to take commission paint jobs again, but obviously I have no clients at the moment, and no real website to advertise other then this blog, so until I eventually finish these dark eldar which I intend to set up in my local Games Workshop and advertise there, it will just be my miniatures.

So, without further postponing, the first part of my new Dark Eldar force.

The Front of my Archon. I replaced the head with a normal warrior head as I seriously disliked the origonal.

The Flesh Cape, I had serious fun with this!! I love those little details!

All in all I’m pretty happy with this, first painting in over a year! 

Next up is my WiP Raider.

Wanted to make these guys rusty and pirate like.

So, needs a fair amount of tidying up around the port hole rust, and there is still a fair amount of other weathering to do, Aswel as the five crew! But so far I’m quite happy with it, my long term intention is to have a purely cosmetic corsair force, I’ve got an old model Raider on the way from eBay, Aswel as a few hasslefree minis to add a little spice to the crew, and my next objective after the reaver bikes and warriors are done is to convert an eldar grav tank into a dark eldar-esque hover tank, adding a crew platform and railings, a big sail, spikes and chains etc, the idea in my head looks cool!! 

Let me know what you think guys!



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