Monthly Archives: May 2015

Look at what i have created!!!

Just a short one today folks, ive been busy, after moving back in with my parents its been a struggle to find dedicated hobby space… But i made my old man an offer he couldnt refuse…

I asked if i sorted out the garage (wish i had taken a picture…) which was a total dump, would i be able to have dedicated space on one side, while he has hobby space on the other side, he agreed.


Dedicated hobby space at last!!!

Anyway folks, until later.



Getting there

So folks, its been a short while hasnt it? Well let me bring you up to speed.

I had a break up from my ex partner and got left jobless, homeless, motorbikeless and lots of other things ending in less. Im now finding my feet again, and i have a potential man cave…


Yes it needs some work… Like, getting rid of all the rubbish encroaching on my model space!!! But, it will do nicely.

I have a new batch of models from paul.


4 Ork buggys. That will keep me occupied.

And i have a fresh perspective on life. I have 3 jobs, one of which is full time, and two part time jobs.. Yet i still get mondays and tuesdays off!! Amazing!

So, slowly getting it together folks. Updates will be slower. But i promise you. They will be bigger and better then ever before!

It feels good to be back.