Custom Gunship Pt 2

So I’ve made a little more progress on the gunship I’m making, but before I continue, I apologize for the messy workstation, there is method in there… Somewhere…



Most of the bodywork is done now, filled most the gaps, just got to get smooth details and stuff done now with sandpaper.


Added the crew!


A driver and an escort gunner, and when I get some Corporation weapons teams, they will be set up in the back aswel, but they’ll be remove able so it can be either a support gunship, or a drop ship for extra troop support.


And the anti-grav engine has been beefed up… With some academy 1/48 tank wheels! But it kind of reminds me of the ship from “the matrix” now…

Anyway, that’s the progress so far, to be fair I could have base coated it or something, but I’m terrified of just how much paint this sucker is going to take up! Like previously mentioned I’m massively cheap! And there’s no way I’m painting a model this size with paints that cost £2-£3 a pot! For 20ml! Roll on with The cheap school ground acrylic paints I have in experimental phase!

One day, this blog will be renamed to “cheapskates guide to modelling”



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