Custom Gunship Pt 1

Well yesterday I was all up for a rant of creativity, then realized I have not successfully “fully” converted much at all, maybe added a few little bits, or done a few bits swaps, so today I decided to go all out with available supplies, including two full models, spare wire, a baked bean can, random bits of plastic… So on and so forth…

This has all come together to make the beginnings of something awesome that will eventually be part of my mantic mix match militia, got to put the “mix match” into it somehow!

So this is the basic shape, the skeleton that I will be working off to create what I hope will be something cool looking.


My Gunship.


Using bits from an old GW stormraven, a 1/48 British lynx helicopter, and a few bits of bean can, I have made the external parts of an anti-grav engine.


Needs a lot more work, but this is the basic shape.


And apparently I need to straighten the tail a bit.

So this is the start of it, I will be filling in all the gaps with milliput, wall filler and green stuff (wall filler actually works really well!) Then starting to add details and extra bits, then when I fully satisfied I will begin painting, but I suspect this will take a LONG time to do, as there is so many gaps and bits that don’t fit right etc, but I’m kind of excited to see if this works out or if its an epic fail!

What do you guys think?



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