General Thoughts on the hobby

So recently I’ve been looking through tonnes of blogs that are successful within the wargaming niche, and I’ve started to notice a pattern, there are tonnes of REALLY successful blogs and an ever greater amount of totally unsuccessful blogs that are (in my opinion) just as good, if not better!

This got me thinking, what is this hobby, is it about having the most expensive bits? Pro painted and then using this expensive army to play games etc, or is it making things from scratch, using bits from multiple different sources and creating a unique model? Or is somewhere in between?

For me personally it is about creativity, I have never even once played an actual game with any ruleset with any miniatures! And I likely never will, but the lore, the converting and the painting is what I love.

Unfortunately for me, it seems the blogs filled with all the expensive bits are the ones that are noticed (understandably) and the ones with real creative thought behind them seem overlooked a lot of the time, now I’m by no means saying my blog is super creative, or even that good and that I ‘deserve’ a large fan base, but after a long look through a huge amount of blogs I found some really interesting articles of scratch built vehicles, totally converted infantry and huge armies of all sorts made from all sorts, and the blogs sometimes had 0-10 followers, some had a few more but only 1 or 2 had a decent base, then there are blogs filled with straight out of the box models with no extra bits or creative thought past following the printed instructions put into it, and these had hundreds of followers!

Now I’m just a really poor sociopathic guy with too much free time on his hands, but doesn’t that seem strange? In a hobby based around the ‘creation’ of miniatures, mostly in a fantasy (sci-fi or historical) setting, that miniatures that are truly unique are overlooked so we can stare at the same figures over and over again just because their painted differently? I mean don’t get me wrong! The models are awesome, and yeah they are a pleasure to look at, but really? If you had tuna pasta bake every day for dinner for 3 weeks, then you were asked “you want pasta bake or steak today?” Would we really pick pasta bake again? Why is this metaphor different for minis then? “Want to see a generic imperial guardsmen again? Or do you want to see this scratch built sci-fi marine?”.

Anyway, I’m apparently good at wasting a good 2 minutes of your life! If you made it this far, I’m honestly impressed!

I’d love some thoughts from you folks, why are YOU in this hobby? Creativity? To be unique? To follow the fluff to the letter? Somewhere in between? Hit the comments hard dudes and dudettes!



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