Generic Sci-fi

So as any of you who frequent this blog have likely picked up on, I’m a serious cheap skate! And following on from my previous post, I’ve steadily gone off the idea of a halo themed army again, well, almost…

Anyway, I’ve decided to try a generic sci-fi army instead, just grabbing some cheap minis and making them look half decent, I’m even going to throw in some vehicles, I want to make a proper “army” just without following any particular ruleset of point system, just something that if you saw on a shelf, you’d say “wow they look cool” or something along those lines!

So, Anvil Industry? Yeah all their troopers look amazing, but at £2 a mini I’m just not sold, although their “Tox Troopers” at £16 for 10 have tempted me to try a Tau Gue’Vesa project for war hammer 40k… But other then that, I’m going to (for the moment) try to stay away from them.

I found a lot more interesting ideas aswel, but which I will not follow on with, these included Pig Iron Productions Near future troopers, their system troopers (fallout brotherhood of steel lookalikes!!!) And their newer scavengers, all of which were amazing, but at least £2 per mini again…

Mad Robot Minis, tonnes of choices, all amazing… £2 per mini… “Sighs” if only I was rich…

Then I cane across EM4 minis… They looked “OK” and only cost £0.45 per mini, but I just couldn’t, their too “70’s sci-fi” for my liking, and the reviews are awful…

Which leads me back to two old friends of mine, and their friends I really don’t know why I keep turning away from in the first place!
Mantic, and Warzone.

So, I took the paint scheme straight from halo 3 marines and got to work, here’s the results.




I’m liking Mr Mantic over there on the right a bit better, especially as Prodos Games new warzone figs are… £2 a mini *cries inside* but Mantic has some amazing value! I just found their 1p battle set (10x marines, 10x rangers, 3x heavy weapons teams) for £23, for 26 minis, rulebook, dice, bases and 3 heavy weapons, yep! That’ll do nicely for me! Just need to add my halo touch by getting 2 micro ops warthogs and some 28mm true scale vehicle crew legs and I can start my halo’esque army again, rebirth of my mantic mix match militia!

When I have finished this LotD lot for Paul, I’ll be using the money to get me these bits… Provided my mind hasn’t wondered off course again by then…



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