What’s going on!?

So recently I’ve (once again) been obsessing with the idea of starting a halo themed army, back to choosing whether to do halo reach/CE Anniversary, or halo 3 themed armies (as in my opinion their the only ‘cool’ looking marines) and began a relentless Google session to find suitable miniatures and/or conversions parts, I’ve seen some perfect bits and bobs that are MILES over my measly budget, and seen some down right awful attempts at doing this whole thing aswel.

Anyway, I found some pure beautiful miniatures and got mega excited (laugh out loud alert for those who already know about the company).

Defiance Games UAMC troopers!


These guys are almost exactly halo 3 marines! Add the shoulder guards and a couple weapons from various sources and boom! Maybe a head swap but that’s not THAT necessary, these were my perfect choice and I instantly got excited, went straight to the Defiance games web store, and it was closed for maintenance…

Fast forward through the couple of hours of Google searching for answers and the sad end of the tale is that the company CEO was a douche. Stole money from the customers, very rarely even shipped the products, ran a kick starter and made a tonne of wonga then didn’t send the rewards, ruined another kick starter by offering to make the miniatures, taking $60k+ and then NOT making anything or returning the funds, then declared himself bankrupt to wriggle out of paying anything.


So, back to my halo theme drawing board! Luckily I found picture perfect halo reach troopers in anvil industry.


Everything is perfect except the color scheme and the weapons I think, so this is the way I’m going to go, a shame about defiance games though, at $29 for 24 marines, or for the UK about £0.78 per mini, that would have been perfect for my limited in the extreme budget, the Anvil Industry marines are £19.50 for 10, so almost exactly £2 per mini, which is also good, but £20 for 10 little soldiers is a real debate in my mind, and it will likely take me weeks or even months to actually commit to it!

Most of my home projects are as cheap as possible, and I set my standards of price at the Victrix level, £28 for 60 roman legionnaires! That’s more like it! Less than £0.50 a mini! So almost quadrupling it really is something I’ll have to consider in the extreme, not to mention that i’d need 2 squads and 2 warthogs plus 4 sets of GW Cadian Sentinal driver legs, and one whole squad would be mainly used as warthog crew, meaning I’d need to spend around £55 for a ten man squad, 2 hogs and 4 spare minis, and that’s without the decent weapons! Compared to the previously mentioned Victrix… Merrrr, I’m already talking myself out of this idea in the form of this post! So I’m ending it here!




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