Damned Axeman

So I started on the LotD part of this commission with this single axeman, I love the mini and the pose, and I “hopefully” done it some justice with this paint job!




The light quality is sheer terrible in my photos lately, I really do need to invest in a couple of lamps, but with real life taking precedence, and really life being the cruel master it is, my spare money doesn’t even reach to the couple of quid I need for a lamp! So until further notice, I apologize!

But back on topic, I think this mini is awesome in every way! The dynamic posing, the crisp details, I do like these metal minis! I never used to, but their growing on me quite a bit!

So what are the thoughts on this guy then? The first out of 6, then the 7th is actually an iron warriors warsmith that Paul thinks would look cool in LotD paint scheme, and I’m inclined to agree with him, a LotD tech marine would be cool! And that’s what I’ll be working on next!



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