New Commission!

So the system I have with Paul when painting his models is rather strange, as he’s like me, and not a “gamer” but solely a collector, I don’t get “armies” to paint, just small batches of miniatures he wants painted at the time, until this batch it has been solely orks, but Paul’s collection is immense in every way, covering many armies and the beginning of this commission string was actually why I made this blog!

Anyway, so this batch is a little odd, I have been tasked with painting 7 Legion of the Damned metal figs, from the second box set released aswel! So I’m pretty excited to have these featured on my blog, then I also have an Ultramarines Tech marine with servitors to be painted.

The tech marine is what I’m excited about most! What with the just released mechanicum range of models, I’m super excited to get my mechanicum red painted! Red is my favorite color to paint, ever since painting a Blood Angels present heresy armor I just love it, probably because that was the project right after imperial fists, and even with the new “high pigment” GW paints, yellow is still awful!

Anyway, I’m hoping to make a start on this tech marine tonight so hopefully my updates become daily again! I’ve been distracted with making a crossbow the past few days…



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