Nearly finished Mantic KoW stuff

So today I spent an inordinate amount of time at the painting desk, now my wrist aches and I have space invaders syndrome!

I finished the painting of not only the other 10 mantic basileans, but yes, also all those undead too! Even painted my home brewed sticky mud on them all! As soon as that’s dried I can finish all the bases…


Mantic Basilean Spears.




The undead horde!

I’m absolutely in love with the undead horde! The ram-shackle appearance of a horde of skeleton warriors is just shear amazing in my opinion, yes a uniformed block of infantry looks cool, but unless their all in similar or identical poses there is always something odd about them, but this?! This horde of death looks truly intimidating! And the fact its bigger then every other infantry block I own helps too!

What’s the thoughts guys?



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