Mantic KoW undead.

Just found a REALLY old project, older in fact then one of my children, and I still have not finished it *feels shame* but after finding it and remembering about it I’m pretty excited about finishing it up! (AFTER my basileans!)

Found an old 28man squad of Mantic KoW undead I was slightly converting to look like an actual undead horde, none of this uniformed nonsense! I’ve added different shields, weapons, a GW banner, and painted them all in different schemes (barring one or two that are in the same colors, raised from the same armies etc)




These will look cool when their all painted and based! And I can’t wait!

Even though these are not part of what I call my “empire” army, they will be displayed with them as mercenaries, just need a suitable necromancer looking character to lead this squad.



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