Mantic Basilean Empire Swordsmen

So its time for some old guard, swords, shields, square formations! But not romans, not after the evil of dusting the shelf under them (really need to invest in movement trays!).

I have finally decided to crack on with these basileans, horrible to make, “OK” to paint, but they look cool on the table so what the heck! Oh, and I’ve changed my mind about their color again, now their back to Averland yellow.

First 10 made and painted with only 3 bases to finish.


Second 10 made.


In my infinite randomness I remembered I used basilean swords for my black templar conversions… So this 20man unit will be 9x swordsmen, 9x spearmen, 1x drummer and 1x standard bearer, hopefully they’ll still look cool in a 5×4 block next to my Empire/Perry halberdiers, I’m also determined to get more infantry for this “Empire” army, it is seriously lacking infantry! But I’m also determined to NOT use GW models, as their expensive and look terrible, I do like Perry miniatures, but I’m thinking of adding even more manufacturers! The point of this project when it started 5 months ago was to see how many manufacturers i could get in one army while still making it look partially uniformed. So, any suggestions?



One thought on “Mantic Basilean Empire Swordsmen

  1. callaghan04 Post author

    Its almost upsetting that I’m the first comment on my own post, but I’m considering adding fire forge foot sergeants to this army, could add 24 crossbows and 24 spearmen/swordsmen with that set, has anyone used these miniatures before? Or haveany different suggestions?




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