Old Nurgle and Scenery

So here I was, about to take a group shot of my Legion of the Damned for my phones wallpaper when I decided I should really make a new bit of scenery for my photos, I always use my ruined polysterene city backdrop.



And I figure its getting old, so, I went to my cupboard of shame filled with half finished stuff, spare bits and random things I might find useful and came across two old nuggets!

Nugget 1, Plague marine conversion.



Despite the AWFUL painting skills of my youth I still love this guy! I ended up selling my nurgel stuff, had some decent bits asweo, but this guy survived the purge!

Nugget 2, meteor crash!



One of my favorite bits of scenery ever! I really should get back into scenery making, if anything, the quality of my scenery far out shines the quality of my painting!

Anyway, my bit of nostalgia for the day over.



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