The start of something Terrible…

So as you all know, I got myself a little too carried away with Legion of the Damned… My commission for them has not even started, and now I find myself with a fully converted 10 man tactical squad to paint…





This is my favorite part of the whole hobby, pure butchery of professional sculptors good work to create my own image of whatever I like! Endless hours of tirelessly shaving the same spot on a single head over and over again to make it smooth and then repeating the process all over the mini, but at the end you have something unique, beautiful, and totally your own.

So here I am, with my single test model for my client Paul suddenly evolved into a an actual project!

What’s your favorite mini from the above pics? Who should I paint first!?

Personally I’m a little in live with the banner bearer, the marauder banner is picture perfect for LotD!

Anyway folks, keep an eye out for some painted deathly terribleness from me as I plod my way across these butchered minis!

Until next time, Callaghan04. 


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