Getting Carried away

So the legion of the damned lark, I was supposed to do a single test model for model, then receive his first bunch of space marines, get paid, keep on Rollin’ through…

Well nuts! Apparently I enjoy LotD so much that I couldn’t stay away, I’ve barely spoken to Paul, I still don’t even have a date for the battlewagon to be picked up! But I’ve done 2 standard marines and a conversion, and now I’m doing another conversion with ideas of making my own army!!!

I’m a commission painter to stop me from buying too many models! This has totally not worked how I intended, my Mrs is not going to be happy…

Anyway, so this next conversion.




I’ve gone a little over the top with this guy I think but meh! I wanted a low level character for the Legion, so this guy has a chaos Sergeant chest, chaos marauder shoulder pad on the knee, khorne berserker shoulder pad, ork head, mantic KoW skeleton on the backpack, and standard marine everything else, all with a few bits of milliput (spine on bolter, lower section of skeleton warrior, hair on the orks head, with a few more bits being added later and further sculpting to be done)

What’s more, I have the rest of a 10 man tactical squad to do aswel, so eventually I’ll likely have a single tactical squad of LotD and will likely sell it.



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