Bell of lost Souls

Let me start with a massive thankyou to Larry from BolS tech team for his speedy reply and solution for my problem! Cheers Larry!

Well I’m extremely happy now! I’ve been a tad disappointed recently, as I’m a blog based on I couldn’t ever get the traffic I’ve always wanted (my visitor in a day record in 24! And that’s when I done 5 posts that day!) The reason for this is that WordPress won’t allow the java script necessary to run a lot of the blog networks widgets.

Bell of lost Souls is (according to all sources I’ve come across) the best network to be part of, some bloggers gaining 200+ visitors daily through just them! So obviously I wanted a bite if that apple! And I’ve been tirelessly researching how to get java enabled on WordPress blogs, but without buying my own domain name through WordPress its impossible, and I’m not willing to pay anything for what is essentially a way for me to show a few pictures and ramble a bit… Yeah, I’m a cheapskate!

Anyway, I contacted BolS and told them of my dilemma after I came across a post from a blog that closed 2 years ago ranting about the downside of WordPress wargaming blogs and how he couldn’t get into the BolS scene, ultimately making him decide to close down due to low traffic, and how unfortunate as the blog contained some lovely content and ideas! But I’m going off topic here, after just 1 email my problem was solved! And that email was received about an hour after I sent my own! How amazing!

So here’s to BolS, *drinks a beer* a very committed to the public group of people and an excellent site all in itself! I can’t begin to express how happy I am that BolS has bent its own rules just to allow my little blog into their alliance.

So there it is, now I just have to figure out how to let people comment with their Google identities! Which could be difficult…

Anyway folks, rant over. Everyone down a stiff one for BolS though!



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