More Legion of the Damned

So I’m still waiting on a date for Paul to come and collect his battlewagon/drop off his Legio Damno troops, so I figured I’d crack out some old space marines and keep practising, done a minor conversion for a SGT figure.




That’s my first ever attempt at OSL on the eyes there, got to start somewhere apparently! Overall I’m happy with him.

Also done a pretty heavy conversion (which if I can paint well enough! Will be charging Paul a bit extra if he wants them all done this way).



So as you can see by the multi colored glory of this fellow, he’s completely converted! Khorne berserker head, chaos space marine shoulders, normal space marine everything else and a Mantic Kings of War Skeleton warrior backpack decoration, oh, and a necron doomark spinal column as.. A spinal column on his leg.

I will be doing a post step by step on painting this guy if I remember as I had a friend ask me to show him how I painted the first test model, and I figure this guy covers all the bases right?

What’s the thoughts here?



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