How to Paint Legion of the Damned.

So here it is, my first ever tutorial! (Milestone!)

Anyway, so this covers not only the converted trooper I’m about to do, but also standard tactical marines, well, anything painting in Legio Damno colors really.

Please remember, this is for tabletop standard, I will do a part 2 that does more details.

So, start by priming the model black, in my case GW Abaddon Black.


Remember to water down your paints! I don’t do this airbrush who-ji-mi-what or spray paints, everything is done with a brush!

Next, paint all the bone parts white and VERY LIGHTLY dry brush the whole model white. Also do the paper or scrolls.


I know right? White? Bare with me, because this next step is the best shortcut ever! Wash all the bone parts and paper/scrolls with seraphim sepia.


Gotta love them bones!

Next up is the flames, remember, flames are random, so just go with the flow, don’t put too much effort in here. I used Mephiston red, then a 1:1 mix Mephiston Red to Averland Sunset, then straight Averland Sunset, red to base, orange painting just the flickering bits, yellow on the very tips.



Then the metallic bits, (I also added the bolter here as I have done the chest details). I used Iron breaker are the metal, then washed it all with Nuln oil.


Oooh its looking good!

And for the eyes, I just painted them white and added a blood letter wash on top.


Boom! Straight and simple tabletop Legion of the damned!



I love this mini! Still has all the minor details to do, but time restrictions got me tonight so I’ll do a part 2 some point to finish him off and maybe add a few more decent highlights. I just wanted to prove a point about dry brushing, it can be an effective shortcut for highlights if done correctly (I know its like the whole dipping for shading argument but for highlights but still!) Also, although I’m a commission painter and generally commission painters do better quality, my current client only wants tabletop minis, and therefore I can’t send him pictures of perfect minis as tests, then tabletop quality paint HIS minis! That’s just cruel!

Anyway, hope you find this helpful folks.



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