Chapter Confusion

Well as most of you know, my next commission from Paul will be space marines, that’s it, chapter is my preference so far! I’m coaxing him into giving me more direction in this by pestering him relentlessly with seemingly random questions, but none the less I have done some mock-up marines, none are painted to any sort of standard but it will help me narrow down the choices if it stays my own choice.


From left to right:

Custom Chapter.
Iron Warriors (present heresy)
Dark Angels
Imperial Fists
Black Templars
White Scars
Blood Angels.


I know the Black Templar is heavily converted and not at all “smart and orderly” like Paul wants, but think “Codex Templars” instead!

I have to admit I’m leaning towards Ultramarines as their the poster boys of the imperium, their pretty much the definition of smart and orderly right? Followed closely by blood angels and dark angels, and equally by pre-heresy iron warriors, but there is far too much choice in this!

So feedback please? Pros and cons of chapters? Smart and orderly if possible.



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