Quick Post.

Sorry guys, no pictures today, just giving some news of this blogs future activity.

Paul (my sole client currently) is very happy with the battlewagon I recently finished (with the pictures anyway has he has not collected it yet!) But has challenged me with something so sinister, so horrendous that it has shocked me to the core! Every painter had his strengths and weakness’s when it comes to painting, my biggest strength is weathering, battle damage, mud, dust, rust etc, I can take any model and make it look battle torn and heavily used, well, Paul has challenged me to paint neat and orderly, smart looking space marines… This is totally out of my comfort zone! My weathering is there to take the attention that my sloppy painting underneath would otherwise hold, so this is slightly scary for me, but exciting at the same time!

Good news however is that Paul has no preference on chapter, so color scheme is entirely my domain! He just wants orderly and smart looking space marines, so I’m excited to start this, if you read this and fancy seeing me take on a particular chapter, hit me in the comments, and whichever chapter has the majority wins!

Other news:

I’m putting my mantic militia on hold for reasons of commitment, or lack thereof, I just don’t have any heart in that project anymore, I’ve found another model set that looks much cooler to use as UNSC marines, so I’m going to save my pennies and get myself a squad and a warthog to convert up.

On a slightly different topic, what does everyone think about the whole Spartan Games getting the Halo license? A halo tabletop game is definitely on my wish list, but unlike most I don’t want a 15mm game, give me 28-32mm any day! Might only be skirmish based but the idea of having 28mm warthogs, scorpions and pelicans!! PELICANS!! None if this 15mm stuff for me, I tried it once but as I’m a hobbyist and not a gamer I got no joy from it, not enough detail, and where/when there is, nothing bigger the a 4×0 brush can hit it! So No, 28-32mm all the way!

Anyway, you will never get those 2-3 minutes back so for that I apologise. Until next time folks.



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