50 shades of Blue.

Hi guys!

Been pondering this battlewagon overnight, Paul (the owner) has asked that I don’t paint too much blue and make it look like a child’s toy, but paint enough to associate it with death skulls, and that’s a hard balance to achieve, blue is just one of those colours! So I knew I could break it up with black/white checks and dags and random motifs, but other then that its been difficult, and I thought of using different shade and mixing different blues and putting them all together but after a test I realized I’d also have to scratch mix a tonne of different highlights and shades for each mixed shade… I’m only making £30 from this vehicle (I charge 75% RRP) so I don’t really want to spend that much time aswel as waste that much paint in the mixing processes, so I’ve got myself a Vallejo blue wash, and using 3 different blues, (Vallejo light blue, Vallejo purple blue and GW Maccragge Blue) which are all VERY different, then covering them all in this wash I’m hoping it draws them all together and makes it look like the different plates are just sun bleached over different periods of time.



You can see here on these 2 pics, the top one I have smothered in blue wash, and this bottom one I’ve been more sparing, smothering one side and not even touching the other drawing it thinner and thinner through the middle, its still wet and so looks rather sloppy at the moment but I’m quite excited at how this will turn out, I’m hoping it gives me the desired effect and will have saved me ALOT of wasted paint! And I’ll be highlighting in a set colour too to draw the shades together even more.

Other then that I tried another method of rust effect, for the interior of the battlewagon I wanted it to look like the odd plate of metal was rusty and the rest were beginning to rust, but on the tracks and wheels I wanted entirely rusty metal.


I’m very happy with the result! Its a slow process but its cheap! And easily achieved with paints that most painters already have (and if you have kids then most definitely have exactly what I used) as before, if this method is wanted I will make a post about it as there’s still plenty of rust to do!



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