Scout Vehicle WIP

Well I have something special for you now, hopefully special anyway! I’ve always seen some really decent greenstuff and random bits conversions of numerous model kits to make scout vehicles (mainly for 40k imperial guard) and got myself thinking I should try it, I’ve never been very competent with green stuff/miliput, so I have never tried, but I have an old 1/48 landrover WMIK which is horribly painted and thought I’d beef her up!


The ATSV (All Terrain Scout Vehicle)


Even put the first layer of miliput to make the joins seem less, its made from a 1/48 Landy WMIK (obviously) the top plate (turrent plate) is from a Space Marine Predator, the turret itself is made from a 25mm base with 2 40mm bases glued on top, the mini gun is from Warzone Mutant Chronicles, and the hatch and all over pale yellow coloured bits are spares from my 1/48 Academy Challenger II.


Without the turret.


Just started to shape the legs for the crew, the crew are spare Mantic Corporation Rangers and the vehicle will be slotted into my halo themed… Wait, I can’t really call them halo themed anymore can I? Into my random Mantic mix match militia!

Thoughts and criticisms welcome.



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