FINISHED ORKZ!!! and other bits.

Well, after over a month of waiting for 5 paints from Wayland games they finally turned up! And, I ordered the wrong damn paints! *face palm*

But I managed to get what I need anyway and have now finished the orks for Paul, who wants to see?


Whatever this guy is, its awesome, more detailed pics on another post.


Ork Shaman, awesome model, terrible details due to age though.


Ork AOBR war boss, love this guy! And I love my own paintjob on him!


Ork Nob with squig, I love this model, and that’s the first squig I have ever painted!


Ork Wartrak, love this model aswel!


And a group shot.

So now waiting for these to be picked up then I can get on with another commission bunch.

So what else has happened, well my halo themed army has more themed than halo now, I have 2 ODST finished ‘barring the 3 flocks on bases’



I love the way these guys turned out, I should hopefully be getting a lamp tomorrow so can get better exposure for pictures of these darker models.



My academy challenger II repainted and remodeled to fit in with this army, still massively WIP but I’m liking the way this is looking so far, hopefully get some more done over then next few days.



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