UNSC Marine Test

In my previous post I mentioned that I found 16 extra mantic corporation rangers and that I would use them as ODST, but I’m a little OCD with numbers, so I’m going to use 10 of them as ODST which leaves the rest as test subjects for various paint schemes, I have completed test #1 using the Halo 3 marine as a guide.


I had to go with the orange visor for the spartan touch but Mantic Corporate marines have no visors on their helmets, its only the rangers that do, so for the ODST that will be painted grey/silver but I actually like this models color schemes in itself.


I have painted the backpack as a “jump pack” with glaring vents for no real reason, just likes the look from my last ranger I painted.


And I know what your thinking, I know, I have even based him! That’s a pretty rare occurrence in my mix match of WIP projects! But I really like this guy, I love how the colors turned out, I love how the rifle highly resembles the halo Assault Rifle and I love how barring the shoulder guards, these minis are pretty damn close to the marine armor from halo anyway! Now I just have to find a McFarlane micro ops warthog that’s not £30+!! Apparently their rare all of a sudden! And I only found ONE scorpion tank, for £80!!! No chance!

Anyway, what are the thoughts here? And can you see a difference in painting quality now that I have a suitable hobby space?



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