Hobby space and general thoughts

Recently I’ve been ever increasingly frustrated with my performance in painting, it seems to be getting worse as opposed to better, for example:


Commission war boss, which (if I say so myself) I think is really well painted, and it was done a good month ago if not more!


A mantic corporation ranger that I painted yesterday… Meh!

I put a lot of thought into this phenomenon as its just not right, surely painting skill should only get better when regularly practised? Then it hit me, when I painted that war boss I had NO hobby space, and consequently was using the dining table after the kids went to bed, the Mrs was sour about it but I just kept saying “you got with the geek sweetheart, geeks do geeky stuff, deal with it” and that was that, dining table was my hobby space during the evening, then after many an ear bashing I decided I needed a more private space, it turned out to be the top of a single bed side table in the bedroom, with only the ceiling light as a light source… Since then my paintings have got worse and worse.

I have just however moved hobby space again, my PC has died, after just over a decade of heavy use I salute her though, but her passing has given me a nice new desk.


Much better!

I’ve still got the airing cupboard occupied for the majority of old kits, unpainted kits and tonnes of scenery parts etc, but at least now I have my current projects, paints and bits box at hand, rather annoyingly however my lamp has died so now I need a new one “sighs” but I’m confidant that my painting will become much better again now that I’m not sat on the floor with a 2 foot square hobby area!

Also, I’m sure most viewers of this blog have noticed how easily distractable I am, never seeing one project through to the end in one go, and guess what? It has happened again! During my delve into the bits box for a sensor module for my legion signaler (which I have found and stuck onto him!) I found another 16 corporation rangers from mantic, all in bits and half painted (were using them as renegade chaos guardsmen) and have already begun assembling them to paint as halo based marines, I found macfarlen warthogs for sale that look the perfect scale, so I will be getting one or two, a twin pack of corporation marines to paint as… Marines, and I’ll be using the rangers as ODST, I’m super excited! I have always loved the halo franchise and it will be nice to paint sci-fi soldiers who aren’t red, blue or yellow! Actual military looking models!

Anyway, my rants over, if you read all this, congratulations! You deserve a cookie!



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