Mantic Corporation and Imperial Conversions Update

Just a small update again today, but I was looking through my bits box trying to find a space marine sensor module to use for my “imperial legion” signaler when I came across an old mantic corporation ranger I got ages ago and suddenly felt the need to paint him, so much so that I forgot about the sensor module and will have to delve into my bits box again later, and probably get distracted again ‘sighs’

Anyway! Ranger!



Just a quick paint job, and definitely not a standard I like, but I just can’t paint faces! So whenever there is a face I find it difficult to paint well because I know the face won’t be painted well anyway.

But I still quite like this guy, so much so that I found myself staring at mantic web store on my phone with my thumb hovering over ‘add to basket’ on a twin pack of corporate marines…

The paint job is based from Stargate Atlantis, I’ve become obsessed with the series! The dark blue jumpsuit with black tactical gear, just think it looks cool! The original helmet was missing (shame as it covers the face!) So he’s using a bolt action German infantry head. What are the thoughts on this guy?

Imperial Legion.

I have finished building my standard bearer and signaler (barring sensor module as stated above)


I like the simplicity of the banner, and I love the 1/48 modern British infantry radio pack on my signaler (hence I’m calling him a signaler) it really adds depth I think, he is obviously a ‘vox caster?’ But not using ANY games workshop parts!


All but two made now, so I’ll paint up the standard bearer and signal operator then “try” and make two different poses for riflemen and give them different backpacks to add some variety. Hopefully I don’t get too distracted!



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