Imperial Conversion Update

Got a few more of my “Imperial Legion” guys done, and a few WIP’s too, first the finished guys!



The lack of poses with these old warzone troops is plain awful! Its very difficult to have a nicely varied force, but I’m working on it.

Half finished guys next.



Here is another rifleman, heavy support gunner and SGT, I wanted a different backpack for the rifleman and so I used a 1/48 scale modern British infantry set as accessories, the gunner is standard except the Greek hoplite helmet and the SGT, well the warzone Bauhaus sergeant is terrible, definitely was not using that! But the Imperial SGT was surprisingly decent and fits in well enough barring the shoulder pads, but I can overlook that by saying its officers armor.

And now some heavier conversions.


On the left is a half built signaler, or “radioman” for those that aren’t familiar with British army terminology, on the right is my standard bearer, standard made using a Greek hoplite spear topped with a space marine banner topper, I have a few bits to stick on it once all this has set well too, I’m looking forward to the result actually! But these guys are taking a long time, so much greenstuff is being used, need it to make necks so the heads fit right, all the arm joints need it (even when put into the “correct” position!) To cover the gaps, the backpacks need it to sit properly, these are ruthlessly difficult minis to make look half decent, but so far I love the results they give!



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