Basilean Swordsmen

It must be about time for some empire mix match army goodness right? Its been ages! Well as some of you may remember I posted about my general plans for the “empire” project (quotation marks are because there is literally 11 models from GW empire range, all the rest are various different manufacturers), the original plan is still progressing I guess, just at snails pace and constantly variating a little. For example, the original basilean swords were going to be proxy empire swordsmen in averland colors, now their red, why? Why not! I just didn’t like yellow on them.



So here are 7 painted dudes, 2 conversions being the SGT’s feather on helmet, and the bloke on his left has seriously pumped arms!

The other 13 are in varying states on finish but I’m definitely looking forward to these guys being finished!



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