The Crusade Grows #2

Well I have finalized more knights! All except bases, not sure if I want rural or urban bases yet…



The one on the left is just standard Tactical Marine, standard decals, just sword and shield added here, on the right, anvil industries resin legs, shoulder pads and head.


The shield designs are actually used designs by the knights Templar, or at least I hope so! The internet told me they were!


I have tried to individualize each and every marine, some have different pads or helms or legs, all have individual heraldry on parts of their bodies (like the checkered pattern on the right hand marines shoulder and shield), I have done this as this was a common practise of real Templar Knights, maybe the militia or levies would have been uniformed(ish) but the knights themselves were very proud, and would have been different from one another, I like this idea so my knights will be individual also.


The Emperor Protects!



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