Talk wargaming?

Well, like most blogs taking their first few steps into the endless expanse of the internet, I’m struggling to get views or publicity. Blog Networks are great but most have silly requirements, especially in the wargaming sector! Must be X old, must be SOLELY W40k, or WHFB, some for specific armies even! And anyone who has viewed my own blog must have noticed I’m a fairly widespread hobbyist with wargames, multiple manufacturers, multiple armies, tonnes of conversions! Some home projects, some commissions etc etc.

Well I stumbled across this new blog roll, “talk wargaming” (linked on sidebar) and just thought I’d thank them, finally! A “wargaming” network. A massive compendium of work from like minded and indeed open minded individuals! Now by no means am I “dissing” any other networks, indeed I’m part of a fair few myself, but other then taleofpainters (who were also very straightforward and helpful) I’m still pending because I’m either not old enough or because my content is largely irrelevant to their precise wants. Needless to say I have removed a lot of network banners, they were essentially spamming my sidebar and not even linking me to anything!

So to sum up, if your starting a blog or planning too, Talk Wargaming is a great starting network, as are taleofpainters and BoLS, and hopefully I will find a few more helpful blog rolls, perhaps you who view this could help? Let’s give credit where credit is due!



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