So after 2 months of silence I can finally get some pictures up! The commission I’m on right now is still for orkz and is still in progressives batch’s of minis, this batch was 4 characters and a wartrak. I’ve painted 3 of the characters and the trak so far.



The wartrak.



Ork Shaman, I’m not very happy with this one and will be going over it again but its a VERY old metal mini and the details are all but gone, hours of cursing violently went along with this one!




I don’t even know what this is, but it looks awesome! And I loved painting him! The grot being sucked up the pipe is amazing! And the details were amazing!



Assault on black reach war boss. My personal favorite to be honest, I had to greenstuff the arm with the shoota into a position I liked though because the original position was just unnatural but I loved painting this fella! And I’m super happy with the result!

I have one more Nob with a squig to paint and this batch is done.

Later bros/broettes.


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