New Vegas

Recently I’ve been slightly obsessed with Fallout New Vegas and played along with Caesars Legion, have a Rome obsession as most of you well know, then it hit me! I have tonnes of old roman figs and tonnes of ww2/sci fi bits…. Post apocalyptic romans in 28mm? After furious Google searching I discovered they don’t exist on the internet except one mini I found for sale of a leather armored Romanesque guy holding a sword and a pistol, well, that has to change right?




My Centurion, he will command another 7 troops when I’m done, 1 Centurion, 2 Prime Legionaries, 1 vexilarious(standard bearer) and 4 Legionaries.

Obviously heavy based off Fallout, well, a mod from Fallout anyway! Caesars New Regime is the mod I think, makes the legion very professional looking in bronze armor and whatnot.

Anyway, this mini was made using about 12 different model kits, I’ll add more detail to their construction as I build and paint the rest as I’m sure there will be more kits involved!

Later bros/broettes!


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