Legion Contuburnium

In my excitement I have finalized the poses for my New Vegas Legion themed contuburnium. I still need to add a few details and a bit if greenstuff to give them a decent end appearance but here they are!


My favorite has to be the Vexilarious, with the little banner sticking out the back it has definitely given the squad a New Vegas feel, I’ve taken artistic license with the 2 Prime Legionaries by adding the crests on their helmets but figured I needed them to look distinguished enough to seem veteran, but still look romanesque, then I remembered that veteran roman legions were sometimes given crested helmets to show veterancy, and if the legionary changed legion he was still allowed to wear the crested helm, so I’m pulling that rule forward to the Post Apocalyptic future.

I’m seriously looking forward to painting these guys up! My Black Templars have been sidelined for this! And I’m waiting for paints before I can finish my commission Orkz.

Tell me what you all think!


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