Finished Orkz

Well my first commission for this client was 10 Ork Boyz, ive finished them in 5 days, and thats with two days off to spend with my mrs! So personally im quite happy with the result. But enough yabbering, pictures!




Im extremely happy with this lot, this is the first time ive painted Orks since “assault on black reach” was released! And I painted Evil Sunz then, but these deathskulls have really found a soft spot in my heart I think, the green and blue mixture seems to go so well, and the ‘lootaz’ background allowed me to do some awesome camo patterns, and to add some imperial bits and bobs, Blood Angels shoulderpads with Deathskulls logo added on top is possibly my most favorite thing ever right now!

So, my client seems happy with the pictures, and when these boyz are collected I can start my next batch! I have no idea what these are yet so until then, I’ll be getting on with my empire Averland project, already started my 2nd knight, but that can wait until tomorrow now! Later bros and broettes.


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