More Orkz

Got my internet problem sorted, so im free to post now! Done my first conversion for my Deathskulls imperial hunters.




I loved making and painting this guy! The weapon is two standard space marine bolters chopped up and glued together with a space marine dagger glued under them, space marine rockets next to them and a space marine rocket backpack, aswel as the blood angels helmet and shoulderpad (with appropriate orky glyphs painted on top)

Im waiting to see if my client likes the conversion, and if he does I’ll be adding imperial parts to most orks, but I did finish another 2 standard orks too.



I didnt realize until after that hes painted EXACTLY like the loota, same camo trousers and blue top combo… maybe their related? Hmmmm…



And this guy rocking the urban camo trousers, little things that say ‘imperium’ without being imperial.

All in all im loving this commision so far! Time for a groupshot?



Straight outta white dwarf! Lol.

Until next time bros and broettes!


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