CMP #3

Only a small update today, its been a busy day! Decorating rooms instead of minis, but I did manage to finish my first Knight,



Im pretty happy with the result, and im super excited about finishing the other 11! There are some amazing sculpts in this set and I highly recommend it to any self respecting empire collector! yeah I know the scale is slightly off but the sheer amount of options and extras and the amazing detail is just, theres not even a word. Perry Miniatures are just amazing and a pure joy to make and paint!

Unfortunately this brings me on to Mantic Basileans, ive made my next 5 swordsman and their just, well, awful.

The detail is sloppy, the connection points for arms are not even straight! So have to be filed before gluing the parts on, the tabard over the mail blends into the mail itself so you have to paint the shading as opposed to shade the details, and the mail itself looks like my 3 year olds dinner plate after shes forked her mashed potato lightly for a few mins… just awful! The finished product looks good if its painted well, but I have not yet got the hang of painting their faces! Their faces are awful!


That body on the right, where does the tabard end? And see that corner where the flat for the arm is meant to be? Pfffft!


This face looks like a half troll half human crossbreed… not good, but I just cant resist the finished look!


They just look cool!

Anyway, check in tomorrow! Tomorrow I can start my actual commission for my client, I believe im starting with a squad of Orks for 40k, so we’ll see whats happening with these guys!

Thanks for reading bros and broettes, until tomorrow! Callaghan04


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