Commision Miniature Painting

Hi all, ive been doing commision wargames painting for a while now and figured hey! Why not make a blog to showcase some amazing minis I have seen and been lucky enough to paint! Hopefully I get somewhere a little bigger with these commisions and then I can start to add more and more interesting posts!

I have always got 2 or 3 projects on the go at once so its not like I’ll struggle with content. Lets see where this little blog takes us shall we?

Firstly, as I dont want to do a first post thats just words, lastnight I finished a test model for a MASSIVE commision for a truly awe inspiring collector, I have not asked said persons permission to name them yet as I did not have a blog before but will ask upon deliver of first batch of models, surfice to say that the collection made me shiver with excitement! Forgeworld, limited edition pieces, very old and rare pieces including an origonal metal thunderhawk!! Probably my favorite thing since I was 12! Anyway, heres the test model I done from my own collection.



Has not been based obviously, but there he is, a battleworn Blood Angels Space Marine thats been mildly converted, I’d love to hear what you bros and broettes have to say about it! Until later! Callaghan04.


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