Commision Miniature Painting #2

Hi all, my latest client has very kindly allowed me to use his minis in my blog, so im now just waiting for them to arrive on friday, so now I’ll do a quick update on my own army, ive been doing a project to bring as many miniature ranges into one army as possible and make then look good together, I decided to go with warhammer fantast setting and make an Empire Averland army, so heres what I have finished.

1x Count on Gryphon:

I LOVE this model with a passion!

20x Halberdier

10of these are standard GW state troops, and 10 are perry WotR minis, there are even a few Victrix Roman heads in there!
From left to right, this is GW, Perry with GW arms, standard Perry. I believe these look just fine together! I had always heard the scale is off quite obviously, but they look fine to me… what do you guys think?

22x Riccos Republican Guard (Converted)

These were origonally Warlord Games Macedonian Phalangites but with a few Perry headswaps, they become the republican guard! What do you guys think of these?

So heres what I have still to do before I get the next batch of minis in.

12 Knights using Perry MAA,
20 Swordsman using Mantic Basileans
20 Citizen Levy using Victrix Velites.

And if I can, find a mercenary unit that I can use up to 48 Athenian Hoplites to convert into shape!

Heres some WIP shots.


My first knightly steed!


The first of my basilean swordsman.


The first of my dagger armed citizen militia.

What do you bros and broettes think? Let me know in the comments! Callaghan04


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